Rack mounting a Fluke 8846A and Fluke 8808A (A review of the Fluke Y8846D 19” rack mounting kit)

What?  Rack mounting a DMM in a home electronics lab?  That’s just plain crazy talk.

IMG_0426Space is at a premium in my home office. 

Long ago, I started rack mounting computer and networking gear in order to keep from getting overrun by clutter.  As a result, when I go shopping for electronics, it has to be quiet, rack mountable, and power efficient…  In that order.

I already had a fluke 8846A 6.5 digit multimeter and was planning on purchasing another lab multimeter, and I wanted to rack the two together.  After looking at various multimeters, I decided to get a fluke 8808A 5.5 digit multimeter after talking with several electronics test instrumentation vendors.

I purchased the Fluke Y8846D rack mount kit and am happy to say that the multimeters are now racked. 

This kit (Fluke Y8846D rack mount kit) is basically a shelf, with holes drilled into the sides to match up with the holes in the sides of the multimeter.  The meters fit onto the shelf, are screwed in on each side of the shelf, and have a filler plate which is pushed between the two meters.

IMG_0428Before I purchased this kit, I had a lot of questions and even asked a few equipment vendors whether or not I could rack mount an Agilent or Tektronix DMM (or power supply) next to the Fluke DMM.  The answer is not really.  The back edge of the shelf it bent up at a 90 degree angle which fits up to the back of the DMM.  My Tektronix power supply is too deep to fit and the shelf.  moreover, the screw holes on the sides of the instrument do not match up with the holes in the side of the shelf.

It works very well for the Fluke meters.