Monthly Archives: May 2014

#5 Notable on the InterWebs

I’ve been enormously busy catching up with the EE courses, so here is a dump of the interesting links that people have sent me or have come across my desk in the last two weeks:


Open Source

  • Lynus – open source security auditing tool.
  • Free programming books.  Pointers to lots of free books on a variety of computer science subjects. 
  • Also I found a free book on FPGAs entitled, “FPGAs!? Now What?”  Pretty good tutorial.
  • Portia – open souce visual web scraper.

Computer Science / Programming

SEO / Marketing

Twitter Ends the Career of Another Executive

I’ve said before– I just don’t get twitter.  I deleted my twitter account a long, long time ago. 

Lets face it, a majority of the accounts are fake or inactive.  The users that are active constantly spew self centered garbage that I don’t really want to read.  I really don’t want to be bothered by people tweeting about their bathroom habits, political rants, or racist diatribes framed within a 140 character limit.

At first, I viewed twitter as a avenue for spammers and narcissistic people to broadcast the details of their lives (as if anyone cared).  Now, I think has one redeeming use case: it kills the careers of idiots.  It is like Darwinian selection in the digital age.

In any event, news broke that PayPal executive Rakesh “Rocky” Agrawal’s tenure as a PayPal’s “Strategy Director” is over due to a series of of inappropriate, drunken tweets

Rocky wasn’t the first to get canned because of an inappropriate tweet, and he won’t be the last.