I bricked my Weller WX2 Soldering Station

Update #2: Somehow, my address got mangled and the package got flagged as a wrong address.  UPS shipped it back without any notification to me.  It will arrive back at Apex in another week.  I’ve asked that they send me another one, but it was later in the day.  I’ll have to see if they ship another one to me without waiting for the current one to slowly make its way back across the country.  I’m really not happy with UPS right now.

UPDATE #1 :  Apex tools decided to send me a brand new WX soldering station because the LCD was dimmed. I should have it soon.

Friday, I tried to upgrade the firmware on my Weller WX2.  I had purchased the unit right after they became available in the US, and still had the original firmware (0.49).

Technical support sent me the updated firmware (0.64) and the upgrade instructions.  The upgrade process hung and after well over half an hour, I powered cycled the device to try again.

Nope.  It was bricked.

That’s when I learned that WX unit has firmware more than three or versions back, it will not update, in some cases.

Yesterday, I packed it up and shipped it off to Apex tools to be reprogrammed or replaced.